Increase website traffic - Bing Ads Your website sells goods and services, so it’s crucial to boost the amount of people who see what you’re selling. The more customers visit your website, the better chance of closing on a sale and staying ahead of your competition.

Take a look at our short- and long-term tactics for increasing traffic to your website. More visitors can mean more revenue, and creating awareness of your products, services and brand is also a valuable benefit. Visitors today may become paying customers later.

Short-term strategies to increase website traffic

Boost your ad position: Make it easier for customers to find your ad by increasing your keyword bids to keep your ad in a top position on the search results page. If your average ad position is below three and you aren’t hitting your daily targets, try increasing your budgets to attain a higher average position.

Broaden your reach: If your campaigns target a specific geographic area, update your geo-targeting settings to include a larger market.

Stay up to date with new search terms: Interests and search terms are always shifting — keep up with the changes by reviewing and expanding your keyword list. Don’t neglect less-common keywords, which typically have a lower cost per click. Use Campaign Planner in Bing Ads to search for current, relevant keywords.

Reach more people: Get more eyes on your ads by including broad match in your keyword match type strategy.

Longer-term strategies to increase website traffic

Give customers more options: Help customers find what they’re looking for faster by including links in your ads to additional site pages with Sitelink Extensions.

Experiment with your ad copy: Try different approaches to find what ad copy works best. Make sure it explains what’s different about your business, speaks to your customers and has a clear call to action.

Get mobile-ready: Make your website mobile friendly so it’s easy for your customers to browse and buy on the go. Then, capture more visitors by targeting your ads to mobile devices.

Extend ads to partner sites: Add content network bids to broaden your reach. This exposes your ads to potential customers using partner sites who aren’t necessarily searching for your products and services, but rather viewing related content.

More resources to increase website traffic

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