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Bing Ads reaches tens of millions of searchers on mobile devicesIndia is Asia’s fastest growing smartphone market. The share of smartphones in the overall mobile phone market is over 32 percent, and mobile users have soared to 185 million in 2014.¹ Busy consumers use search to shop, research and buy in real time and on the move, now quicker than ever. In fact, Bing Mobile users make a phone call, store visit or purchase within five hours of a mobile search.2


With Bing Ads mobile advertising, you can expand your reach to millions of these potential customers.


Search (and clicks) are quickly shifting to mobile

As worldwide smartphone use grows, mobile search advertising is quickly becoming the best way for businesses to reach consumers.


This chart illustrates the rapid shift in consumer search behavior. Today, almost 40 percent of search queries originate from mobile devices, and by 2017, Marin Software predicts that searches from mobile devices will outpace searches from PCs.2

Chart illustrating the rapid shift in consumer search behavior

Mobile search influences throughout the consumer decision journey

Microsoft Research and IPSOS, a market research firm, led an in-depth study with global mobile users to understand how smartphones influence the consumer’s path to purchase. We found that consumers rely on their mobile devices throughout all the stages of this process.4


Our chart at right shows some of the actions that smartphone users engaged in along the way to a purchase decision.

Chart illustrating the mobile consumer decision journey

70% of mobile conversions happen within five hours of mobile search

This shortened conversion cycle reflects the added urgency of mobile queries.3 Whether a phone call, store visit or purchase, mobile users are ready to act immediately.


Mobile advertising with Bing Ads lets you be there to influence a shopper’s decisions in their “mobile moment.”

Illustration of mobile conversion vs. desktop conversion


Mobile search share across Bing Network

Mobile searches have more than doubled year over year across the Bing Network. This rapid growth shows how Bing Ads expands its search volume organically, through strategic partnerships and across all major smartphones and operating.5


Mobile search share across Bing Network

Bing Ads partnerships = billions of mobile searches each month

Bing has developed strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Apple, Amazon and Yahoo to offer ad placements you can only access through Bing Ads.


Apple: Bing powers web search for Siri on iOS 7+, and Spotlight search for OSX Yosemite.


Amazon: Bing is the default search for Kindle Fire devices.


Yahoo: Since 2009, Bing has powered paid and organic search results across all of Yahoo’s proprietary and syndication networks, including Yahoo mobile.

Bing Ads partnerships = billions of mobile searches each month

Strong momentum for Bing Ads mobile

Mobile ad clicks on Bing Ads grew 177 percent year over year,5 and that's just for starters. We're actively building our partner network to expand Bing and Bing Mobile so you can reach more customers.
Strong momentum for Bing Ads mobile

Reach searchers on all mobile platforms

Bing Ads reaches all major mobile operating systems, dozens of OEMs and thousands of models.


In fact, 70 percent of Bing Ads mobile queries are from iOS platforms.

Reach searchers on all mobile platforms



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MyTime, an appointment-booking service for over two million businesses, must find cost efficient ways for small businesses to reach their local customers via search engine marketing. MyTime clients often have fixed budgets and face an expensive AdWords marketplace.


Bing Ads helped MyTime earn higher revenue and lower conversion costs for its clients compared to AdWords. In addition, mobile advertising played a key part in converting leads to small businesses — nearly half of the ad clicks came from smartphone devices.


MyTime sees a higher value for small businesses with Bing Ads when compared with AdWords. “The results we saw with Bing Ads were great for our clients with more than 60 percent lower cost per conversion than Google AdWords,” says Ethan Anderson, MyTime CEO.


Get calls. Get customers.

Use Call Extensions to display a phone number directly in your search ad on PC, tablet or smartphone. Mobile searchers can simply tap the number in your ad to call. Bing Ads with Call Extensions generate an average of 10-15 percent more clicks (U.S. data).5 Call Extensions also come with call tracking, enhanced and detailed tracking analytics enabled using call forwarding numbers.


Learn more about Call Extensions

Learn about Call Extensions

Drive foot traffic, not just web traffic

Put your address and phone number in your ads with Location Extensions and help local searchers easily find your business, not just your website. Adding Location Extensions to your mobile advertising campaigns can see a click-through rate lift of up to 15 percent (U.S. data).6


Learn more about Location Extensions

Learn about Location Extensions

Lead customers to exactly what they're looking for

Sitelink Extensions take customers directly to specific pages on your mobile website. Use them to highlight promotions, products, services or key sections of your site. These extra links can boost your click-through rate by 10-15 percent (U.S. data).5


Learn more about Sitelink Extensions

Learn about Sitelink Extensions
Geo-target your best audience

Geo-target your best customers

Location Targeting in Bing Ads lets you decide on regions that best match your desired coverage area. With a range of tools to fine-tune your focus, you can target your top audience by specific geographic location, from pincodes and cities to states, countries and more.


Learn more about Location Targeting

Learn more about mobile

View these tips and resources for more insights on reaching local customers with mobile advertising. When you’re ready, sign in to include Bing Ads for mobile in your campaigns.



1. 2014 Canalys smartphone IB2. 2. Microsoft internal data. 3. Marin Software. “Mobile Search Advertising Around the Globe,” 2014 annual report. 4. Microsoft Research and Ipsos OTX. “Mobile in the Consumer Journey.” 5. xAd/Telmetrics study, “Mobile Path to Purchase,” and Microsoft Research. 6. Bing Ads internal data.