Sean O Connor


Bing Ads Insiders Podcast: Tight Budget Optimization Tips (Session 1)

I am honored to kick off the second series of the Bing Ads Insiders Podcast.  For this round, we chose to focus our conversations on how to optimize your accounts on a tight budget.  Small businesses know better than anyone how to get stretch their dollars creatively to maximize their returns, and our goal with this series is to give you a few more ideas.  Subscribe to our podcast series to hear the full conversation with Lisa Abdilova.

A few of the highlights from our conversation:

  • Why you should never search for your own ad
  • Why there is no ridiculous budget
  • How to be deliberate about the volume mix
  • A lesson learned by Tom Hergert of Rocket Restorations in Olympia, Washington
  • How you can integrate the messaging of a search campaign into your other acquisition efforts

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