Juan Carlos Ousset


Upcoming Improvement to Bing Ads Account Management via the “Agencies” Tab

The “agencies” tab in the present Bing Ads web interface supports a self-serve workflow*, which allows agencies to link to their client customers in the interface and manage campaigns on their behalf. As seen in the following screenshot, this feature facilitates managing client relationships with a single sign in.

Even though the “Agencies” tab functionality is convenient, there have been known limitations in having flexibility for setting up billing relationships, allowing clients to give agencies access to specific accounts and having a rolled up view of all accounts being managed by an agency.

For this reason, a number of these limitations will be addressed in an upcoming update to the Bing Ads “agencies” tab experience.

As illustrated in the screenshots below, this update will enable agencies accessing their accounts via the "Agencies" tab within the Bing Ads web interface to:

1.    Easily link and unlink accounts in the rolled up view of accounts:

2.    Link individual accounts instead of an entire client.  
3.    Specify who is responsible for billing -- the agency or the client:

4.    Grant users specific access to individual accounts, rather than having to give them access to the entire client.


Once the upgrade is complete, you’ll immediately see your client accounts in the accounts grid in the latest version of the Bing Ads user interface (you’ll no longer have to switch to the old interface).
Please feel free to ask any questions or provide comments in the comments section below.

Thank you,

Juan Carlos Ousset
Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

*Note that Yahoo managed agency advertisers should contact their Account Representative for all account management requests.

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