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Discontinuing Bing Ads Express

Bing Ads Express Beta was launched in Oct 2013 with the goal of removing the complexity associated with search engine marketing and providing businesses a quick and efficient way to automate the setup and management of search ads.

Since launch, we’ve learned a lot about the challenges faced by businesses when promoting their business online. For many of our Bing Ads Express customers, offering simplified, automated options removes a granular level of control, sometimes needed in reaching their marketing goals. As such, we will be making some important changes in July.

On July 30th, we will sunset the Bing Ads Express product, and will offer search marketing opportunities to our customers only through Bing Ads. Until this time, any current or past Bing Ads Express customer will be able to access their account information. After July 30th, customers will no longer be able to access their account information.

Customers can continue promoting their business across Bing, Yahoo and partner sites by signing in at Bing Ads with their existing username and password. Once logged in, customers will need to create a new account and go through the campaign creation process. To help with any questions or sign up process, customers can reach out to Bing Ads Support Team. For customers that choose to setup a new account on Bing Ads before July 30th, they should pause their Bing Ads Express ads to avoid running duplicate ads and being double billed.

We know customers, both big and small, value the ability to control their marketing efforts and by providing the full range of options with Bing Ads, customers will be able to create detailed, targeted campaigns that promote their business on Bing, Yahoo and partner sites.

We’re thankful for the customers who have participated in Bing Ads Express, and who enable us to better understand their business needs.  At Bing Ads, we’re committed to providing customers a simple and easy way to promote their business online.  We believe the campaign management tools and reporting in Bing Ads will provide customers the controls and transparency needed to easily reach the right audience.


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Bing Ads Express Beta – Now Available for Agencies and Resellers

Starting today, we’re excited to announce the availability of Bing Ads Express for Agencies and Resellers. Now, our partners will be able to leverage the automated Bing Ads Express platform to get their customers online. Over the last few months, we have worked with our agency partners to make the Bing Ads Express experience simple and scalable. Using the bulk management functionality, you can start managing the online presence and search engine marketing budgets for your customers quickly and easily.

Whether you have 10 customers or 10,000, Bing Ads Express is a great way to get your customers online across Bing, Yahoo and their partner sites. Armed with a simple spreadsheet, you can manage both Bing Places for Business listings as well as search marketing across the Yahoo Bing Network for all your customers.

Start by requesting a reseller account.

Next, follow the steps below to take advantage of the Bing Ads Express platform for your customers:

  • Log-in to your account and download the spreadsheet you need to complete

  • Provide us with basic business information like name, address, phone number and business categories.
  • Add campaign specific details like monthly budget, radius and URL and that is all we need.
  • You also have the option to provide negative keywords as well as additional business details for the listing on Bing Places.

Finally, upload the spreadsheet and in a matter of minutes, Bing Ads Express will claim the Bing Places listing as well as create a campaign complete with ad groups, keywords and bids. Campaigns go live in a matter of hours and you customers can start receiving local traffic and calls to their business.

All campaigns will be managed in an automated fashion and daily reporting can be viewed via the user interface (UI), or you can download it from your account either as an excel or csv file.

Bing Ads Express does not require you to be a search engine marketing expert or a developer who can code to an API. Whether you manage search engine budgets today, or simply provide services like SEO, website design and email marketing, with Bing Ads Express, you can provide online presence management and search engine marketing services quickly and efficiently.

Click here to get started with Bing Ads Express today.

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Bing Ads Express Beta – Start Promoting Your Business Online in Minutes (US Only)

90% of customers are researching online for their purchases and, more often than not, these customers are looking for goods and services in the local area[1]. This is resulting in an increasing number of offline transactions starting with an online search, making it imperative for local businesses to promote themselves online.

However, every business owner does not have the time to become a search engine marketing expert or have the resources to hire marketing managers – so what do they do?

Today, with the launch of Bing Ads Express, we are taking the first steps toward leveling the playing field. This solution lets you focus on what you do best – running your business -- while acquiring new customers effortlessly.

There are 163 million searchers across Bing, Yahoo and its partner sites.  Sign up for Bing Ads Express by spending a few minutes telling us about your business and we will put you in front of searchers in your local area.

Here’s how it works:

  • Navigate to and claim your business on Bing by providing details about your business, like address, category of goods and services you provide, store hours and images.
  • Next, write an ad which best depicts your business to potential customers.
  • Select where you want your ad to show and the maximum amount you would like to budget.

We take that information and do all the heavy lifting for you. From creating Ad Groups, Keywords and Bids, to managing your advertising campaign on a daily basis. Not to worry – you always stay in control; you tell us how much you want to spend in a month and we will make sure you never spend a penny more.

Can it get any better? You bet – you only pay when someone either clicks on your ad or clicks to make a call. So you get all the benefits of search advertising – finding new customers when they are actively searching, paying only when your ad performs and the ability to track how your hard earned dollars are being spent without having to spend more than a few minutes of your time setting up your campaign.

Once you are done signing up for Bing Ads Express, remember to go back and verify your business listing data. Verified businesses are eligible for display in the organic results section on Bing and help you acquire additional customers for free.

Currently, Bing Ads Express is available in 25 metropolitan areas (DMAs) in the United States and for businesses across hundreds of categories. To view the list of DMAs and Categories please click on the links below. You can also review the presentation below or view the Video for a walkthrough of the sign up process.

Available Categories

We will be adding more DMAs and categories on a regular basis, so please make sure to check the links above every few weeks on changes regarding availability. In the meanwhile please do share any feedback in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

Remember, your customers are online and with Bing Ads Express, you can be too. Get your business in front of customers quickly and easily while staying focused on running your business.

Sign Up for Bing Ads Express


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New and Improved: Additional Enhancements to Location Extensions from Bing Ads

Location Extensions have seen an enthusiastic response since its launch last year. Advertisers who have adopted Location Extensions on Bing Ads have seen greater value delivered to them in the form of higher ad click-through rates and customer engagement.

To make it easier for your potential customers to find local businesses on search across the Yahoo! Bing Network, Bing Ads is introducing additional enhancements to Location Extensions.

Click to Directions: Every time an ad is enhanced with location details, we will now display a “Directions” link next to the business address, as shown in the image below. Searchers will now have the option to either click on the ad title or the directions link. In both cases, advertisers will be charged on a cost-per-click basis. Clicking on the ad title will direct searchers to your website and clicks on directions link will take them to either a Bing or Yahoo! maps page with your business's address pre-filled. If you're already using Location Extensions in your ads, there is no additional work required to start displaying the directions link, making it easy and efficient for potential customers to access rich information about your business.


Multiple Locations: If you have opted-in to Location Extensions and have more than one location uploaded for a campaign, you may see your ads display with up to 3 location details. There is no opt-in required to enable multiple locations to display. Using the current location data, Bing Ads will decide when to display one or multiple locations. Rules around maximum distance of 50 miles from the searcher will remain in place.

These improvements to Location Extensions will start rolling out in the next week to a small set of advertisers and will continue to roll out  to additional advertisers over the coming weeks. We expect these improvements to be made available to all advertisers in the US in the coming months.

In addition to making it easier for customers to find local businesses, we have also made updates that make it easier for you to manage Location Extensions and also view the results for specific extensions.

Easy & Flexible Set-up:  Starting today, you can add business locations and enable Location Extensions using either the updated web UI, the Bing Ads Editor or the new APIs (for more info, see the API documentation).

You will now be able to upload locations at the account level and select which locations to display for your campaign, thereby providing you with more flexibility. You can upload up to 100,000 extensions for an account and then pick and choose which ones you want to enable for a given campaign.

The set-up change now allows you to import your Google Adwords campaigns and associated Location Extensions data directly into Bing Ads, saving you considerable time and energy.

Detailed Reporting: In addition to the regular campaign reports, you will now be able to view reporting at the Location Extension level. Reports will display spend and click data for clicks on the directions link and each location can be viewed separately. The easy set-up and reporting will be visible to you as you get access to the enhanced Location Extensions.

We expect these enhancements will help you to more easily drive discovery of and traffic to your local stores, while also giving you greater flexibility and insights from the use of Location Extensions.

We look forward to your feedback as we begin to rollout these new enhancements. For more information on Microsoft Search Advertising, please read our blog regularly. For the latest news and updates follow us on Twitter and Facebook

--Ginny Sandhu


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