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For the Bing Ads Newbie: Basic Editorial Troubleshooting Tips | #ppc #sem #advertising

If you're new to Bing Ads, or pay-per-click advertising in general, you may discover that not all of your submitted keywords and ads are accepted. If you're looking for helpful insight into why that may be, here are some Bing Ads editorial troubleshooting steps and resources that should help.

1.) You may see different Editorial Statuses within the Delivery column in Bing Ads, and it’s extremely helpful to know them. On this page, you can review what it means if you see Draft, Eligible, Pending Editorial Review, Approved – Limited, Disapproved and Paused.

2.) If you find your ad is not running properly, review our Editorial Guidelines. You can update the ads yourself and then resubmit them for approval. Often, the issue at hand is one that you can take care for on your own.

3.) Bing Ads caters to an array of markets including Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, India, Singapore, UK, Ireland and the United States. For each of those markets, Bing Ads has unique editorial guidelines. If you are targeting multiple markets please review the specific guidelines for each market, which are available within the policy. Policy does change based on markets, so what may be approved in the US may not be approved in India, for example.

4.) Don’t be shy! While this blog provides some resources allowing you to troubleshoot an editorial issue on your own, please reach out if needed. You can contact your Microsoft or Yahoo! Representative directly or contact customer support at 1-800-518-5689.

5.) One last tip that I think is extremely helpful: we have a really helpful online community! Please visit our online forum where many of our customers gather to share information (you can also ping us with questions on Twitter). In addition,  you may also find some helpful editorial tips by visiting the blog posts tagged with "Editorial".

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