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Secure and Control Access to Your Bing Ads Account Across Multiple Users

Do you have multiple people signing in to the same account? Do you need to change the Microsoft account that you sign in to Bing Ads with? If the answer is “yes” to either of these questions, you should know about inviting users to a Bing Ads account, because this process will help you manage your account with greater security and control.

Multiple users signing in to the same Bing Ads account

A best practice for companies or agencies that have multiple employees using a Bing Ads account is to have each person sign in with a separate Microsoft account. Having separate user accounts:

  • Is more secure since there is no single user name and password that is shared among a group of people
  • Is easier to manage as employees come and go, particularly if the person who originally set up the account leaves the company or agency.
  • Lets you define user roles that limit the types of changes each user can make (for example, only a Super Admin can delete an account)
  • Lets you take advantage of change history to see who is making changes to the account, what those changes are, and when they were made.


The person who invites other users needs to have Super Admin permissions and should have already transitioned to signing in with a Microsoft account. To invite users, the Super Admin needs the Microsoft account emails of the employees who will be signing in to Bing Ads. Employees can use one of their existing Microsoft accounts, or they can create a new Microsoft account. Once the Super Admin has the employees’ emails, he or she should follow these instructions:

How to invite usersinvite_user

  1. In Bing Ads, click the Accounts & Billing page.
  2. Click the Users tab.
  3. Click Invite user.
  4. Enter the name and email for a user, and select the language, account role, and the accounts he or she is allowed to access.
  5. Click Send


Employees who have been invited will receive an email with information on signing in. if they don’t receive the email right away, ask them to check their junk mail. They should follow the instructions in the email to sign in for the first time.

Changing the Microsoft account you use to sign in to Bing Ads

With the recent move to signing in to Bing Ads using a Microsoft account, some folks have been asking how to change the Microsoft account that they sign in with. Invite user is the way to do this.

What you’ll do is invite yourself as a new user (using the Microsoft account you want to sign in with moving forward), set that user as the primary user, and then remove the existing user (the Microsoft account you no longer want to sign in with).

How to change which Microsoft account you sign in with

  1. Click the Accounts & Billing page.
  2. Click the Users tab.
  3. Click Invite user.
  4. Enter your information, including the Microsoft account email you want to use moving forward, and select Super Admin as the account role.
  5. Click Send.
  6. After you receive the activation email, return to the Accounts & Billing page. (Check your junk mail if you don’t see the email in your inbox.)
  7. Click the Users tab.
  8. To make the new user the primary user, click Set.
  9. Next to the user with the Microsoft account you no longer want to use, click Delete.


For more information on user roles and how to invite users, see Users: roles and management.

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Top 10 Tips for Managing Credit Card Payments in Bing Ads

You’ve spent time setting up your account, campaigns, and ad groups. You’ve fine-tuned your ads and entered your keywords. You’re ready to go live and see your ads on Bing, but you see this instead:



And then maybe this too:


If you haven’t added a form of payment yet, you will need to add a credit card or other payment method. If you have added a form of payment and you are still seeing a yellow warning message, you should review the Top 10 Problems with Credit Cards below. If after you review the list, everything seems o.k. from your end, then please contact customer support.

Top 10 Tips for Credit Cards

Although there are a number of different ways to pay for your advertising charges, let’s focus on credit card payments, the most popular way to pay.

bullet_01 The credit card was added but has not been associated with an account.

Thanks to our new auto-associate feature, this is mostly a problem of the past. With auto-associate, when you add your first credit card, we will make that your form of payment by default.


It’s important that you keep the checkbox checked; otherwise, your ads won’t run until your credit card is associated with your account. To check and make sure that your credit card is associated with your account:

1. Go to the Accounts & Billing page.

2. Click the payment methods tab

3. If you have a payment method associated with your account, it will look like this:


If you do not have a payment method associated with your account, click set as primary:


Once you have associated a credit card with your account, your account will be active if this is a postpay account. If this is a prepay account, you need to fund your account before your account becomes active. Credit card processing for postpay accounts should be immediate. Funding prepay accounts can take up to 24 hours, however, it usually happens in less than an hour. Once your account status is “active,” your ads will be eligible to run.

bullet_02The information that you have entered into Bing Ads doesn’t precisely match the information on file with your credit card company.

Here are some common problems with entering credit card info:

· Enter your name precisely as it appears on the card. Only include your middle initial if it appears on your card.

· If this is a company card, enter the company name as both a first name and last name. For example, if the company name is “Contoso Shoes,” split the company name into the first and last name fields:


If the company only has one name, for example, “Contoso,” enter the company name in both the first and last name fields:


· If your address exceeds the Address 1 field, use the Address 2 field. Do not shorten or abbreviate your address.

· The card number, type, selected country, and cardholder name cannot be edited, so if you make a mistake, you’ll need to delete the payment method and add a new one with the correct information. Other types of credit card information can be edited, such as address and expiration date.

bullet_03 The card number was entered with dashes or spaces.

Enter the credit card number without spaces or punctuation.

bullet_04 The credit card you are trying to use requires a PIN.

Bing Ads doesn’t accept cards with PINs. Use a different credit card or form of payment.

bullet_05 The credit card is from either Australia, Brazil, India, or Taiwan, which have additional currency requirements.

If you are using a credit card from any of these countries, the card will be limited in use to only the currency of that country. For example, a credit card with a Brazilian billing address can only be used for accounts that have the Brazilian real as the currency.

bullet_06 You did not enter all four digits of the American Express credit card security code.

American Express cards require a four-digit security code, which is printed on the front of the card. Make sure you include all four digits on the front of the American Express card, even if the first digit is 0.

Note: Bing Ads only accepts American Express cards in these currencies: U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, British pound, and Singapore dollar.

bullet_07 You are trying to enter a credit card into an inactive account.

Inactive accounts cannot be reactivated if they are associated with an expired or otherwise invalid payment method or if the account has had too many declined payments. If your account is inactive and cannot be reactivated, you need to select another account or create a new account and then enter your credit card information.

bullet_08 You have an account based in India and are trying to use a debit card.

Bing Ads does not accept debit cards in India. Also, for accounts based in India, verification of credit card information is required.

bullet_09 You are trying to use a card that is not authorized for online purchases or automatic billing.

Contact your credit card company to make sure you’re authorized to use this card for online purchases and automatic billing.

bullet_10 The credit card:

· has expired

· has been reported lost or stolen

· has reached its transaction limit

· is new and hasn’t been activated

In any of these situations, you’ll need to contact your credit card company.

Has this post been helpful?  Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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The First “P” in PPC: What You Need to Know About Paying for Bing Ads

With lots of attention on clicks, impressions, and quality score, it’s worth taking a little time to talk about the nuts and bolts of paying for search advertising. It’s not an exciting topic, but if you want your ads to serve smoothly, you should know some things about paying for Bing Ads and keeping your account active.

How you pay for Bing Ads

“Payment method” is Bing Ads’ lingo to describe how you pay for clicks. Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, personal checks, coupons—we offer you lots of different ways to pay for PPC services. In Bing Ads, you can add multiple payment methods and change which payment method is being used for each of your accounts.


No Payment Method, No Ads

I'm reluctant to state the obvious, but you need to have a valid payment method for your ads to be running. Search advertising is a game of bidding, and to play the game you need a way to pay now (prepay) or pay later (postpay). There are a number of valid payment methods (see table below), but the most common one is a credit card. We quickly validate credit cards by posting (but not charging) a small amount (less than $1) to your card. Keep in mind that your Bing Ads account can be put on hold for any of the typical credit card problems:

  • Expiration
  • Cancellation because of loss or theft
  • Exceeding your credit limit
  • Hold placed for potentially fraudulent activity

Other payment methods, such as a bank wire transfer or check, can take a few days. During this time, you can create and edit campaigns, but your ads can’t run until we receive your funds and deposit them to your account.

How do you know that your payment method is valid and everything is hunky-dory with the account? Your payment method is “set” and marked as “primary,” your status is “active,” and your financial status is “no hold.”


Prepay vs. Postpay

When you create an account, you permanently select currency and the account’s payment setting:

  1. Prepay: Put money in your Bing Ads account and then as your ads are clicked, the CPC is deducted from your account. You control when and how much money goes into your account, so if you have a tight budget prepay might be a good option. If you are prepaying with a card and want to avoid interruptions in your campaigns when you run out of money, you can sign up for auto-recharge. With this feature, when your account has 10% of the funds remaining, we add money to your account. The advantage with auto-recharge is that your card is charged the same amount each time and just in time.

  2. Postpay: Automatically pay your balance monthly, either on your monthly billing date or when you reach your threshold limit, whichever comes first. Postpay might be the way to go if you have a bigger budget and want to keep your campaign running full steam. Just keep in mind that because thresholds can increase over time and because postpay account balances will vary with campaign activity, payment scheduling and amounts will vary.

Tip: If you want to change from a prepay account to a postpay account, you can set up a new postpay account, export your campaigns from your existing prepay account, and import them into your new postpay account. This process works the same going from postpay to prepay.

Monthly Invoice Billing- An Alternative Payment Option

If you meet a certain spending threshold, you might qualify for a monthly billing invoice. To find out more about this payment option and whether you qualify, contact Support.

Coupons and Promotion Codes

If you have a coupon, lucky you! If the coupon has not expired, you can use it right away to fund any prepay account or to fund a postpay account that has a valid payment method.

What is Lastschriftverfahren??

If you don’t do any banking in Germany, you probably don’t know what this is. So why am I mentioning it? Because we are adding new payment methods that are country and currency specific, and you will see them listed as options. Lastschriftverfahren is a type of prepay account designed for advertisers with German bank accounts. It is the first in a series of prepay payment methods planned for specific countries.



Here’s an overview of the payment methods you can use with postpay and prepay accounts and any restrictions.  For specific how-to steps, check out Add a credit card or other payment method.


Thank you for reading, and I look forward to any questions or comments you may have!


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