Yuh Soon Ong


Diversity: How the different languages in APAC affect your Bing Ads campaigns

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With the successful launch of the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets in December 2013, the Asia-Pacific marketplace (a total of 11 markets!) is ready for advertisers to fully explore.

Before feverishly starting work on some campaigns, take some time to consider the language The Asia-Pacific region is one of the most diverse clusters of countries in the world, with many search users able to communicate in multiple languages. What this translates into (pun intended) is that you will need to know which markets you want to target and what the usual languages are that users from these markets use when searching. The common languages used in a country are also the languages Bing Ads allows you to use. The table below summarizes the languages enabled for Bing Ads for the Asia-Pacific market and the language setting that you need to choose when creating campaigns targeting these countries:

The difference in language selection between some countries means that if you are targeting two or more countries that have different language selections (eg. targeting Hong Kong and Singapore), two different campaigns need to be created with the corresponding language selection (refer to diagram below).

Campaign Creation

Rather than this being a hassle it will provide you with better insights into the performance of your different target markets. Now that you know the language settings for the different Asia Pacific markets, you can start creating campaigns to expand your reach. One last word: be sure to check out the Editorial Policies to find out more about what products/services are allowed for Asia Pacific.

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