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How to Invite a User to Manage Your Bing Ads Account

NOTE:This post is several years old and, as such, contains outdated information. Please visit the "How do I give access to my Bing Ads account?" help file for the most current guidance on this topic.


There may be times when you want additional users to manage your campaigns. You can do this with Bing Ads. These users then can manage your campaign(s), review performance metrics, and perform general day-to-day functions.

This post will walk through the recommended way to add an additional user to your account.

How to Invite Users in Bing Ads 

1. Go to the Accounts & Billing tab

Figure 1: Accounts & Billing tab


2. Select the Users tab and then click on “Invite User”

Figure 2: Users tab


3. Identify the user you want to invite to manage the account by specifying the email address of their Microsoft account. Fill in the required fields including the account role and account access you want this new user to have. Please note that each individual user will need to have a unique Microsoft account. An email will be sent to that Microsoft account with instructions on how to complete the new user process.

Figure 3: Invite User form

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