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Adult Advertising Exposed: An Editorial Perspective

To ensure safety and minimize risk, Microsoft uses a variety of tools and functions to categorize and review adult keywords, ads and URLs. This includes an automated editorial process and a manual editorial process performed by a Microsoft employee trained in Adult Policy.

Adult editorialsAdult advertising is a restricted program in Bing Ads and an advertiser’s account must be properly enabled before they can market their adult site. When an advertiser that is not enabled for the Adult Marketplace submits their adult ad or URL for review, it will be blocked upfront and prevented from serving online until this enablement is in place. For more information on getting enabled as an Adult advertiser, please contact Customer Service.

Once an account is enabled for adult advertising, the advertiser will receive access to the Bing Ads Adult Keyword List. Adult advertisers can only bid on a list of pre-approved, unambiguous, adult-related keywords. Keywords must be on this list and be explicitly "adult" in nature for an ad to go live. If the term is not on the list, the submission will be blocked upfront and/or not serve online. Adult-enabled advertisers may submit terms for possible inclusion into the Adult Keyword List through Customer Service.

Advertiser submissions that contain high risk content, such as adult or mature subject matter, receive a separate review from the standard workflow. Adult or mature ads will go to a ‘Pending’ status so they can be processed by our specialized team members, who have received proper training in reviewing adult content. In our commitment to internet safety, adult ads and URLs are subject to additional screening during editorial review to ensure our searchers have a safe, relevant, and valuable search experience. As such, keywords submitted with a URL in the Param 1 field will require a full site review. Microsoft makes it a priority to prevent any illegal or inappropriate adult content from being allowed to show.

How does this impact you? If the content you promote is not adult in nature, this review may not impact you, or you may infrequently notice that content that could be adult in nature might go to a Pending status for human review.  If you do promote adult content, to reduce the amount of review time, your ad copy should clearly include references that your site content is adult in nature. Ads that are not clearly adult may be routed to the incorrect team and you may experience delays. Also, your web site should not contain illegal content or anything that violates our guidelines. There are various forms of disallowed adult material so it is important to familiarize yourself with Microsoft policy.

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