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Relevancy – Improve your campaigns with seasonal ads

The year offers a number of seasonal events, not just Christmas, and a chance to target and also reach a potentially new cohort of customers. Considering this, advertisers must ensure that their campaigns are updated regularly; making this seasonally-focused can help you grow your customer base. 

For example, Contoso Clothing sells wearable items, from shoes to hats. Contoso has numerous campaigns and ad groups.


To get their campaign summer-ready, Contoso should:

  • Focus their budget on campaigns which perform well at this time of the year

Given that we are fast approaching the summer season, Contoso can expect to see an increase in demand for shorts, sandals and sunglasses. Contoso can expect to see campaigns which advertise for winter coats and boots receiving fewer impressions and, subsequently, clicks. To ensure high ROI, it is advisable that Contoso allocates sufficient budget to campaigns which are seasonally topical.

Studying trends within your business segment is critical. Some businesses lend themselves more easily to seasonally-dependent marketing, while others require an in-depth analysis.

To make the most of a well-balanced budget, it is now paramount that your ad copy is relevant and enticing to the YBN-user

A quick way to ensure your ad copy remains relevant is to review the…

  • Use of dynamic insertion – dynamic insertion is a way of setting up an ad in such a way, that the search query (or a variant of the search query) is inserted into the ad copy, ad title and/or display URL.

Contoso Clothing may upload an ad containing a place holder. For example,

Buy {KeyWord: Sandals}

2-3 day Delivery, nationwide.{KeyWord: Sandals}

When creating a dynamic ad, it is vital to pay attention to your choice of keywords and match type.

To make your ad copy even more powerful, it is important to emphasise seasonal urgency.

The excitement the summer season brings goes hand in hand with a rush to the tills. Shoppers, as numerous studies have shown, like to prepare and plan – they enjoy scrawling through the web for offers and seasonal discounts.

These could include special promotions for early-bird shoppers, (e.g. 10 % off on all Sandals. Limited to June.) and/or delivery promotions for those shoppers running late (e.g. The Sun’s out. 24-hour Delivery on All Sandals.).

In short, evoking the feeling that an offer is limited, increases desire in consumers, and leads to high demand.

The ‘scarcity value’ is not merely a concept which helps advertisers increase sales. Seasons come and go.

For example, Contoso may create an ad which highlights that ‘summer is upon us’.

Buy Sandals

Make the most of summer days.

As per usual when creating ads, steer clear of sensational language and remain within our style and content guidelines.

Furthermore, it is important that you update your content ahead of the season and/or event.

Imagine a different scenario; Contoso Tickets is selling event tickets throughout Europe, it is festival season. The advertiser is interested in promoting tickets to one of the big horseracing festivals. Upon uploading, his ad (following this paragraph) is sent for review for ‘gambling content’. This is due to our automated system which ensures that sensitive content is manually checked. While the BingAds Editorial Team will do its best to review the content as swiftly as possible, the advertiser may miss out on advertising the horse races if he uploads the content only a few hours before the start of the event.

Want to have a gamble?

Tickets to the Horse Races.

Relevancy, as this article has hopefully shown, is not merely a combination of keyword, ad and landing page, but is also a matter of how people live, consume and think. Please feel free to leave a comment with your feedback, suggestions and/or questions. 




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