Let’s Optimize! Landing Page by Match Type

Are you interested in optimizing your account for better ROI? Then read on….

Now you can track and better measure your KW performance at the same time as providing an even more relevant experience for the user by leveraging the Landing Page by Match Type feature. This feature allows you to assign a unique landing page for each match type of a KW in the same ad group providing you even more opportunities to optimize across your accounts and monitor the improvements. You can even assign unique parameters for each bidded keyword match type. The feature, also known as URL by match type, is now available globally as the last phase of the roll out to the UK and France has just been completed.

Why should you be interested?

Better metrics:You can track and measure the performance by KW match type allowing you to more effectively optimize your campaigns. This data will give you better insight into your campaigns by identifying which URLS and which match type KWs are proving more successful than others resulting in improved ROI.

Better control:You can pause and resume ads by KW match type, allowing you to more granularly manage and monitor the KWs. This level of control will help in optimizing the account for even more successful campaigns.

Better user experience:When you customize landing pages by match type you are providing a more relevant experience for potential customers. An improved user experience will make happier potential customers find what they are looking for sooner.

Better campaign management:This feature makes the campaign import process even easier from other platforms.

Now you have the possibility to tap into even more optimization opportunities while maintaining even tighter control across the content, so there is nothing keeping you from harnessing the benefits of this feature. The data collected will provide invaluable indications of which URLs and match types are generating more traffic and better results.

Remember, while all match types provide an opportunity for a customized experience for the customer in particular it is the exact match type that typically creates a higher quality experience. Lastly, keep in mind that it has also been seen that the broad match modifier often generates a higher click through rate than other match types. You can watch a video here on Bing Ads to learn more about broad match modifier.

Reporting tip: When pulling your next Keyword Performance Report be sure to include the column KeywordMatch TypeID, this way the report will provide a unified view of the performance data of a keyword for all match types. A quick review of this data will reveal which how each match type is performing, see below for illustration.


KeywordMatch TypeID


Bid-Match Type














Now you are ready with these tips and reminders to start working on and tweaking your matches. When you leverage the Landing Page by Match type feature, aka URL by match type you are certain to strike gold with matches made in search engine heaven.

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