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The Convenience of the ‘Import from Google Adwords’ Function

Let’s be honest, most paid search advertisers, when starting out a campaign for a client or themselves, will always begin with creating an Adwords account. It seems to be normal practice for advertisers to start campaigns this way, and then expand to other platforms. Whether this is the best practice or not is another conversation all together. However, since it is the norm, Bing Ads offers a function that makes life easier for Bing Advertisers who also have Adwords campaigns.

I can think of nothing more time consuming and mind-numbing than creating or expanding an ad account when an advertiser already has an optimised account with the ideal structure in another advertising platform. I can think of nothing worse than duplicating that structure all over again into your other account. Thankfully, Bing Ads has you covered.

Import from Google Adwords function is a massive time saver and an extremely easy tool to use within a Bing Ads account. It allows for simple importing of entire existing Adwords accounts (or just import specific campaigns). Keywords, ads and sitelinks can be imported without spending hours or days manually recreating campaigns and ads. Let’s not forget to mention that it is possible to import specific accounts and campaigns from a Google MCC as well.

Even though you are importing existing campaigns an advertiser still has control within Bing Advertising such as setting budgets, bids, time zone and targeting. Once you have imported your Adwords account it is easy to make adjustments and changes, and imported campaigns are not un-editable. Adjusting URL’s to insert tracking tags before importing is possible, which saves massive amounts of time manually adding tracking tags to destination URL’s at a later stage.

More specific changes can also be made before importing, such as selecting which areas you would like to keep or discard from your Adwords account, location targeting, negative keywords, adgroup and keyword budgets and more. This allows for custom importing that makes it possible to customise your existing Adwords structure to be more specific to your Bing advertising goals and strategies.

The fact that no other advertising platform really offers an option like this highlights Bing Ads strides in pioneering options and functions that are extremely useful and user friendly within an industry that seems to becoming more and more complicated and technical.

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Kyle is a South African digital marketer based in Cape Town. He has been involved in SEM since 2007, beginning his carrier focusing on PPC ad copy writing, moving to SEO copy writing, then delving further into SEO and finally finding his true calling in paid search advertising. Kyle has headed up and grown PPC departments at various agencies based in South Africa, and currently heads up the PPC department at the South African office of UK Based company MediaVision Interactive

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