Barry Murray


Three Optimisation Tactics for the UK Festive Season

imageIn this upcoming holiday season you need to get ahead of your competitors and have  your ads stand out. Over 80% of UK shoppers bought a gift online last year so to give your campaigns that little something extra and get ahead of your competitors, try these 3 tactics for that all important seasonal push!


Optimise Your Ad Copy:

Better ad quality drives CTR improvements with then leads to better ad ranking and lower CPC.

1. Best Practice is to have around 3 ads per ad group with 1 ad being a dynamic ad. This allows for easier management and the dynamic ad allows you to tailor your ad to the searcher, increasing relevancy and your chances of a click through.

2. Make sure your ad focuses on a unique selling point of your service or product and includes your brand. Make sure it’s something that makes you stand above your competitors, and avoid generic statements that searchers are more likely to skim over and ignore.

3. Make sure your ad features a clear call to action to make a searcher commit and add a sense of urgency to seal the deal. A good example would be: “Today only, 25% off. Buy it now!”


Landing Page Optimisation:  image

Highly relevant landing pages improve user’s experience and result in better conversion. The key factor here is landing page relevance (LPR).

1. LPR affects your quality score and directly affects your ad position. To keep this figure high, make sure your destination URL leads to a page that your keywords relate to. Bidding on competitor brand names may seem effective but as they don’t match your landing page your keyword relevance will suffer and in extreme cases this could cause your ads not to show so keep your keywords relevant.

2. Avoid putting keywords only in flash animations or images. Put them in the html text of the web page instead. The Bing ads system can’t read text in image or flash format so when scanning your page your keywords will be missed.

3. Make sure to have your keywords in exact match. Broad match keywords are seen to be less relevant to the search query so having an exact match ad should decrease the chances of your ad being filtered for relevance.


Deploy Sitelink Extensions: image

By giving your searchers additional links to your website you can give your potential customers a wider glimpse of what your business has to offer. They make ads more noticeable and relevant and often result in higher CTRs and conversions.

1. Sitelinks are deployed at campaign level so make sure that the sitelinks you choose match all the ads in your campaign or consider establishing a new campaign.

2. With the Christmas season looming, make sure 1 of your sitelinks from each campaign leads to your Christmas page. This will increase traffic to your seasonal products and services.

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