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Accounts Summary Makes It Easy to Manage Multiple Accounts in Bing Ads

We are excited to announce the availability of Accounts Summary, a central location for managing multiple accounts.  The new Accounts Summary tab in the Bing Ads Web UI makes it faster and easier to switch between accounts and to review top metrics aggregated at the account level.

Requested by many of our advertisers and agencies responsible for overseeing a large number of accounts, the new Accounts Summary page provides a bird’s eye view of up to 2,000 accounts, including the ability to track their performance and review their budgets within the same page.

How Does It Work?

If you are currently an advertiser with more than one Bing Ads account, you’ll now see the Accounts Summary page when you sign into Bing Ads.

The Accounts Summary table provides an aggregate view across all of your accounts. Each row in the table displays totals for common performance metrics and budget data for all campaigns in an account. The overall total at the bottom of the table sums up all of your accounts.  Want to find out which of your accounts have the lowest CTR so that you can work on those keyword lists? Want to see which invoiced accounts need new insertion orders? Use the Accounts Summary page to quickly find areas needing your attention.

Display and Data Options

Above the summary table you’ll find two sub-tabs: Performance and Budget, where you can view performance and budget information for your accounts. From the Accounts Summary page you can easily link to other pages to create an account or manage your requests (see this update for more information on managing requests).

In the Performance tab, you’ll find the following default columns: Status, Account Name, Currency, Clicks, Impressions, CTR (Click-Through-Rate), Conversions, Average CPC (Cost-Per-Click), and Spend. Clicking the Account Name navigates to the Campaigns tab for that account.

In the Budget tab, you’ll find these default columns: Status, Account name, Currency, Company name, Bill-to customer, IO purchase order, IO budget, IO budget remaining, IO start date, IO end date, Total daily budget, and Total monthly budget.  IO columns will only show if you have an account that uses insertion orders. Clicking the Account Name navigates to the Account Details tab for that account.

In both tabs clicking on the column headings will sort on that column and toggle ascending and descending sort. You can customize the columns that you would like in your view.

Finally, you can filter by any of the columns in the view and also save the filters for later use.

Landing Page Preference

As mentioned above if you are currently an advertiser with more than one Bing Ads account, you’ll now see the Accounts Summary page by default when you sign into the Bing Ads UI.  If you prefer to have the Campaigns page as your landing page, check the option, When I sign in, take me to the Campaigns page at the bottom of the Accounts Summary page. The next time you sign in, you will go to the Campaigns page by default, but you will still have access to the Accounts Summary page.

We’re listening

Thank you for your feature suggestions, and thanks to our pilot participants, who provided invaluable feedback on initial implementation of Accounts Summary. We hope the easier multi-account management enables you to get more out of your busy day!

Comments? Questions? Please leave them below, visit our Feature Suggestion Forum, or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you,

Sachin Tayade

Principal Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

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Now Available: Online Insertion Orders Make Billing Easier Than Ever in Bing Ads

Simplifying the insertion order process has been a top customer request, and we are pleased to announce that you can now create and manage your insertion orders online, through Bing Ads or Bing Ads API.   If you currently use or intend to use insertion orders (IOs), this new online workflow makes the billing process faster and easier than ever.


What’s New and How Does It Work?

With this release, you can sign in to Bing Ads, create an insertion order or approve an insertion order directly within your Accounts & Billing page. When the insertion order is accepted by Bing Ads, you will receive an email and the insertion order will be effective on the start date. There is no paperwork to be signed. It’s that simple!

See this two minute video for a visual orientation to the new process:

Video: Online Insertion Orders Make Billing Easier

What are the Benefits of Online Insertion Orders?

The new insertion order process saves time by enabling you to:

  • Create insertion orders quickly online 24/7
  • Get your IOs approved online
  • Track and manage your insertion orders in an easy-to-use interface
  • Receive email notifications when there are important changes to your IOs. For example, an IO that you created or accepted or an IO created by your account manager needs your review.
  • Create overlapping IOs so that you don’t have gaps in your ad campaigns


How to Use Insertion Orders in Bing Ads

For a full set of instructions on managing IOs in Bing Ads and best practices, check out this article.

Workflow Overview

An IO can be created by either you or your Bing Ads Account Manager.  The process for each is illustrated below.

Creating and Viewing an IO

If you are creating an IO, sign in to Bing Ads and click on “Accounts & Billing” and then “insertion orders.”  Any previous IOs that have been created will be listed, along with any new IOs. (Note: You’ll only see the “insertion order” tab if you have an account that can pay using this process.)

Creating an EIO

In your Accounts & Billing page of the Web UI, click “Create Order,” and a “Create Insertion Order” page will appear.


Complete the required fields (Start date, End date and Budget) and click “Accept” to trigger the approval process.

You can check on the status of you IO in the Insertion Orders tab, under Status. Typically IOs will be approved in less than one business day.

Viewing an IO

If your Bing Ads Account Manager has created the IO, you will get an email notifying you that is available for you to review.


Click “visit the insertion orders page” and then “review pending orders.”


You can then choose to accept or decline.


Cancelling an EIO

If you need to cancel an order for any reason, just select the IO and click “Cancel Order.”



Thanks to all our customers who helped pilot this feature for the last few months, and for your valuable feedback in making the new online insertion orders process easy and simple to use. You can find more information on other features that have been released as a direct result of what you, our customers, have been asking for, here on the Bing Ads web site.

Comments? Questions? Please leave them below, visit our Feature Suggestion Forum, or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook.

Thank you,

Sachin Tayade

Principal Program Manager Lead, Bing Ads Platform

NOTE: The information contained in this blog post is intended for agencies and advertisers that are self-managed or supported by Microsoft.  If you are an agency or advertiser managed by Yahoo, the details therein may not be applicable, and you are encouraged to contact your Account Representative for more information.

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Now Available in Bing Ads: View Up to 100K Keywords in the Web UI

Earlier this year, Bing Ads upgraded its web user interface (UI) to provide you, our advertisers, the ability to review accounts with up to 50,000 keywords in the Keywords Tab. We have continued to improve performance and are pleased to announce that you can now review accounts with up to 100,000 keywords. We have also configured the ad groups and ads tabs to correspondingly support a larger volume of data.

The Bing Ads team is continuing to scale the UI to much larger accounts and have started piloting accounts up to 250,000 keywords. Accounts having more keywords than these limits will continue to be manageable in the UI by simply narrowing the scope to a specific campaign.

We expect this will improve your experience in the Bing Ads UI, and look forward to your continued feedback on these features.

Thank you,

Sachin Tayade

Principal Program Manager Lead, Bing Ads

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