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The Value of API Partners on the Yahoo Bing Network: More Site Visits at Lower Costs

When it comes to digital marketing, advertisers like you often face many choices.  Much like an audio engineer has to perfectly balance all of the musical elements on stage to achieve the optimal sound for a live performance, you must also find that perfect balance to keep your campaigns delivering the best possible return on investment.

You must not only choose which networks to use, but also what tools to leverage and, maybe most important, how much money you should invest.  So, how do you know which choices will deliver the best results?

Here at Bing Ads, advertisers enjoy:

-  Access to an unique worldwide audience: 153M unique searchers in the U.S. alone on the Yahoo Bing Network1, representing 5.6 billion monthly searches – a 29% search share2

-  Access to key demographics: Yahoo Bing Network searchers spend 10% more than Google searchers in the U.S.2

-  Better performance:  Many of our advertisers enjoy higher Click Thru Rates (CTR) and lower Costs Per Click (CPC), leading to better ROI when compared to Google3

What’s more, did you know that managing your Yahoo Bing Network accounts through campaign and bid management solutions from Third Party API Providers, such as Marin Software, Kenshoo, Adobe, Ignition One and Acquisio, may help improve your performance even more?

According to a recent Bing Ads study, advertisers who use campaign and bid management solutions achieve more site visits at lower costs when compared to customers who don’t use such solutions.

After analyzing the campaign performance of 5,597 distinct accounts across the Yahoo Bing Network, Bing Ads found that those advertisers leveraging campaign and bid management solutions achieved:

1.       More Clicks: 123% more clicks, on average 4

2.       Lower CPC: observed CPC efficiencies, over time, up to 7% lower 4

3.       Higher CTR: 58% higher CTR 4

The improved performance for these advertisers who were part of the study is the result of our API Partners’ technologies and platforms. Not only do our partners provide a superior experience through APIs on advanced features like Sitelinks Extensions and Product Ads, but they also offer agencies, resellers and customers sophisticated algorithms that enhance bidding strategies. 

In another study5 conducted by Bing Ads, users of such solutions were two times more likely to optimize campaigns multiple times per week than those not using a campaign and bid management solution. Those same users typically have nearly 3 times the number of keywords under management than their competitors not leveraging a campaign and bid management solution.

By working with our API Partners, you, as a Bing Ads advertiser, will receive additional benefits, like ad copy optimization, automated workflows and channel attribution, which all can help drive better scalability and performance.

To learn more about the study, and how our API Partners can extend your performance even further on the Yahoo Bing Network, contact

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1. The Yahoo Bing Network Includes Microsoft and Yahoo! Core Search Sites in the U.S.

2. comScore Explicit Core Search (custom), March 2014

3. Based on multiple case studies, including “Kaufman Law” Sep 2013, “mysportgroup GmbH” December 2013; “Photobox” March 2014.

4. “Value of TP” Internal Bing Ads Study based on aggregate data (Customers using Tool Providers vs. Customers not using Tool Providers for campaign management) June 2014.

5. “Bing ROI Deep Dive” Internal Bing Ads Study based on survey and in-depth interviewing, Jan-Jul 2014.



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