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Bing Ads for iOS & Android campaign monitoring updates

In a sea of campaigns, it can be tedious to get the information you need at a moment's notice. With the holiday season full swing, we understand how important it is for you to keep tabs on how your top campaigns are performing.

That's why we’ve introduced two new features in our mobile apps to make it easier to stay on top of your campaigns while on the go: favorites and push notifications for Automated Rules.

Favorites, the best way to monitor important campaigns

Favorites are meant to be a super quick, simple and easy way for you to monitor what you care about the most. Want to quickly reference your top holiday campaigns? Star them using Favorites. How about that top performing keyword that you are obsessed about? Star it using Favorites.

bing ads apps

The best part is that the next time you use the app, the new Favorites tab lists everything in one centralized place so you don't have to go spend time fishing for those for campaigns.

bing ads apps

Get notified about automated rules to keep you in the loop

Automated Rules is a powerful feature that our advertisers use to schedule and automate their top campaign management tasks. In addition, you can now leverage Notify Me rules as a way to receive notifications for campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords that match certain criteria that you define.

bing ads apps

Based on your existing automated rule email settings, you will now receive a push notification on your device. You can be notified when:

  • Every time a rule runs
  • Only if there are changes or errors
  • Only if there are errors


bing ads apps

Now is a great time to turn on your push notifications for our mobile app so you can be immediately alerted on changes for the automated rules you have set up. Visit our FAQ if you need help properly setting up your push notifications.

We encourage you to sign in and setup automated rules today to keep you on top of your campaigns. If you already have a few automated rules setup, we recommend to fine tune them as you are gearing up for the holidays. New to automated rules? Learn more about ways to use automated rules.

The Bing Ads apps are available worldwide for both iOS and Android. Download now from the App Store or Play Store today to start take advantage of these features.

bing ads appsbing ads apps

Questions? Comments?

We love talking to our advertisers about creating mobile experiences that would make efficient search marketers on the go. As always, continue to connect with us on Twitter and the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion forum.

The Bing Ads apps are available worldwide for both iOS and Android. Download now from the App Store or Play Store today to start take advantage of these features.

At Bing Ads, we're listening. Happy Advertising!

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Bing Ads for Android: Campaign management on the go

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the availability of Bing Ads for Android. Bing Ads for Android joins our iOS app as a great way to manage your campaigns while you’re on the go.

We know you're busy and sometimes, you just need to be able to quickly monitor and check up on how your campaigns are performing. Here’s what one of the early users of our Android app had to say about their experience.  

“It does what you need a mobile PPC experience to do. Stats at account, campaign, ad group, keyword, and ad levels. Straight forward controls to adjust budgets, bids or to pause certain elements of your accounts. The app is simple, clean, and useful.

As much as I travel, it is nice to know I have a way to check in on client performance from my phone that is painless.” John Lee, Clix Marketing


bing ads android


Like our iOS app, Bing Ads for Android will give you the convenience to quickly:

  • View performance of your accounts, campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords 
  • Monitor multiple performance metrics at the same time
  • Edit budgets and bids 
  • Pause and enable campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords 
  • Receive critical alerts, such as notice of an expiring credit card 
  • Learn more on our Bing Ads app page


Get the app today and let us know what you think

Bing Ads for Android is currently available in English via the Google Play Store for devices running Android 4.0 or later. To our international advertisers, we’re already working on getting that in your hands within the next few weeks.

We love our advertisers and are your biggest fans. We love hearing what you have to say and enjoy working closely with you. We're always looking for feedback on how we can improve our apps to help you do more and work less. We encourage you to write us a review in the Play Store or send the team an email with your thoughts: bingads-feedback@microsoft.com.

bing ads android bing ads ios

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Going global with a redesigned Bing Ads for iOS, Android coming soon

bing ads iosToday, we are excited to get Bing Ads for iOS in the hands of every advertiser on the go, worldwide. For our existing customers, your app will be automatically updated via the App Store. For those who are hearing about our #bingads iOS app for the first time, we encourage you to add it to your #sem #paidsearch utility belt so you can quickly monitor and check your campaigns whenever you take a break from checking in on #ppcchat.

What's new with Bing Ads for iOS?

Back in April, we announced our splash into the App Store with Bing Ads for iOS. Since then, we’ve heard your feedback, listened to your feature suggestions and made improvements. Now, you have access to richer performance metrics and can get more visualizations of your campaign performance data to make more informed decisions.

bing ads ios

Here’s a recap of what’s new in Bing Ads for iOS:

  • See performance graphs at any level: campaign, ad group, text ad, or keyword.
  • Select up to two metric tiles above any performance graph to view performance data for two metrics at a time. For instance, you can see how your clicks and conversions trend over a period of time.
  • Enlarge any performance graph by changing your phone’s orientation to horizontal or tapping the icon in the bottom right.
  • Learn everything about Bing Ads for iOS on our website.


What's coming? Bing Ads for AndroidTM!

bing ads ios

But wait there’s more! Our team has an Android app experience in the works and we can’t wait to share it with you. We are looking to you, our customers, to pilot with us and would love to hear from you as we expect to release our Android app to all English markets within the next few weeks. Please contact bingads-mobile@microsoft.com if you are interested in participating in the Bing Ads for Android pilot.

Here are a few quick teasers of our Android app:

bing ads ios android

We're always looking for feedback on how we can improve our apps to help you do more and work less. We encourage you to write us a review in the App Store or send the team an email with your thoughts: bingads-feedback@microsoft.com.

Get Bing Ads for iOS now


The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

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Upgraded Quality Score is Coming Soon to Bing Ads

We have listened to your feedback on improving quality score to help you make optimization decisions in a more efficient way. Today, we are excited to announce an upgraded quality score is coming! We expect this update will reach advertisers in all Bing Ads markets within next few days.

What is changing?

In this update, we improved quality score in the following ways:

  • More quality scores: In the past, your quality score would be "-" if your ad hadn't been active long enough to gather sufficient data. In the updated quality score, we will provide a quality score based on marketplace data in instances when there is not enough reporting history, offering insight into your ads’ performance so that you can quickly take any necessary action to improve performance. This coverage expansion will first roll out to US market, with global markets following soon.
  • Simplifying how score is reported: With this update, the quality score will be reported based on a mix of customers' search queries and other inputs that match your keyword exactly. This reduces the noise in reported quality scores, making it more reflective of the factors that determine your ads’ visibility during auctions. At the same time, we also updated Share of Voice (SOV) reporting, which will evaluate impression shares only based on eligible impressions to reduce noise in SOV report.
  • Easier comparisons: We have changed some of the quality score terminology to match industry standards, making it easier to compare across different online advertising websites.
    • Keyword relevance is now Expected click-through rate
    • Landing page relevance is now Ad relevance
    • Landing page user experience is now Landing page experience


The renamed sub-components are more clear and better aligned with how marketplace intelligence determines your ads’ ranking within the auction (refer to this blog post for more about our auction). The corresponding names of SOV metrics in performance reports will be updated consistently with the same terminology. We also changed the text used for sub-score values to “Above Average”, “Average”, and “Below Average”, explicitly reflecting the fact that these sub- scores are relative ratings by comparing your ads with the marketplace.

What is the impact to you?

Once the update reaches your account, all of your keywords’ quality scores will be generated by the updated calculation method. Historic Quality scores recorded in performance reports before the update takes effect will not be overwritten.

We highly recommend that you to keep monitoring keywords with quality scores lower than 6 so that you can take early actions to make improvements. Here are some general ideas which you can consider for optimization (refer to Quality score in depth for more ideas):

As you know, Bing Ads quality score is calculated based on live marketplace quality measurement, constantly updated by your ads’ performance during actual auction time. It does not impact ad ranking.

The upcoming updates only impact how quality scores are reported; our goal is to make it more transparent and easier to use. It won’t have any direct impact on your ad performance -- your ads will continue to behave as they did before. Also, aggregated quality score will still be an impression-weighted average score at the ad group and campaign levels, rolling up from keyword level quality score.

Please keep in mind that quality score is a representation of the feedback that Bing Ads is providing in order to help you understand how effective your keywords and ads are. A higher quality score means your ads are more competitive, which can result in extra benefits (such like lower CPC and better ad position).

With that in mind, please use quality score as a guide and focus on the long term performance goal rather than simply pursuing the numbers; look for ways that you might improve the experience that a visitor has with your site, e.g. more relevant landing pages, more descriptive ads, etc.

Your goals are our goals, we really hope this upgrade will help you to be more competitive in Bing Ads.

Check out this video for a quick overview of the upgraded quality score.



To learn more about the Bing Ads Quality Score, please visit the Bing Ads Help Center.

Thanks for reading!

Tina Guo

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

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