James Scruby - Guest Blogger

Group Business Manager – Bing Ads

Regular account reviews will give your campaign an edge whilst avoiding any unwanted issues

When it comes to account optimisations there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. You often need to use your search experience, knowledge of your business and the advertising objectives to refine your campaign. Here are a couple of methods you can apply to an account review:

  • Account Health Check:
    This approach focuses on ensuring the core settings and contents of the account are correctly assigned. A health check confirms integrity of targeting, search intent, network distribution, missing keywords, missing ads and editorial disapprovals. Regular health checks will minimise risk of major account issues.


  • Account Optimsation:
    Focus on optimising with an aim to reach a specific KPI. Depending on business objectives you could aim to optimise for traffic, CTR, conversions or ROI etc. Deep-dive optimisations are more time-intensive than Health Checks but are also essential to ensure your account is tailored towards the goals of the business. 


Review and refine your campaign by combining Bing UI Intelligence with your own expertise. The system suggestions are a good starting point, however we also recommend that you apply manual work to ensure that they match your campaigns goals and objectives. Here are a few tips on how: 

  • When using any keyword expansion tool, it’s advised that you manual check these before implementing them. The UI suggestions do not take into consideration bid hierarchy, campaign and ad group naming (if they are separated by match type), CPC and CPA targets etc.
  • We also recommend that you manually review the keyword suggestions from the UI 'Opportunities Tab’ as there may be some low relevance keywords on the list
  • You can use 'Bing Ads Intelligence' to review the bid suggestions from the UI. The 'Bing Ads Intelligence Excel plug-in' can be downloaded through the UI.
  • Finally, you’re not alone! There is a support team awaiting your questions and keen to help. If you run into any roadblocks just reach out to your Bing Ads Account Manager for support.
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