Emelie Daniels

Editorial Reviewer – Bing Ads

Targeting the Nordic Markets with English Ads

Can I target the Nordic markets with English ads?

Good news! Yes, you can, but only with an exception granted by our editorial team.
English is not the official language of the Nordic countries, but well understood by most of the Nordic users. In some cases, it provides a better user experience and it can help the success of your advertisement if you use English while targeting the Nordic markets.

 How do I apply for an exception?
In order to get an exception, you will need to contact our editorial team for a manual review and provide the following information:

1. Why you want an exception
2. Details of the account in question

Are there any editorial guidelines?
Yes. If you decide to advertise in English, there is still a high risk of affecting the user experience negatively. Please see the following few, but highly important, criteria we have to take into consideration to prevent this from happening.

1. The products and/or services that you are promoting on the site must be available in the Nordic countries.

2. The ads must match the language of the search query.

These points are important as it is in everyone's interest to meet the expectations of those searching on Bing. When someone searches in English, it is most likely that one expects a result in English too.

To help you meet the expectations from your potential customers, we require that you use English throughout the ad copy and not only in parts of it. This is especially important when you use dynamic text insertion in the ad since we do not want to see a mix of languages in the ad copy.

For an English language campaign ads as well as keyword lists have to be completely set up in English.

3. Use the exact match type for your keywords
Make sure that you always use exact match for your keywords to prevent the English ads from delivering on local language search queries.

4. Exclude international terms in your English keyword lists. 
Commonly used English words like “skateboard” or “T-shirt” have no local translation and should therefore be considered as English-only terms.

These terms need to be in a keyword list belonging to the local language ad/ads. Extended keywords that prove the English intent like "buy blue t-shirts" would belong to the English keyword list.

A user that searches for "skateboard" does not necessarily expect an ad written in English (as there is no local language equivalent for the word) so if just this word is searched for we want to be on the safe side and show a local language ad. When someone searches for 'buy blue t-shirts' the English search intend is clear and it is safe to presume someone would like to see an English language ad.

5. The landing page must be clear and understandable for an average Yahoo! Bing network-user.
If the ad is in English, the content of the landing page needs to be in English as well, since we want to see a consistency in the user experience. The better we match the ad and landing page experience for your customers - the more likely they are going to convert.

If you believe that English ads would be of use in your Nordic advertisements, do not hesitate to contact us and request an exception.


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