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The Intelligent Future of Search – key takeaways from #dmexco2016

Earlier today, Rik van der Kooi took to the stage at dmexco with Townsend Feehan, CEO of the IAB Europe.  Together, as part of the Bing presence at the event, they discussed the search advertising industry in front of an audience of European digital marketing leaders. 



Townsend Feehan and Rik van der Kooi at dmexco

Topics ranged from why search and search advertising is so critical for the digital economy today to what search intelligence will contribute to its future and how marketers and businesses can prepare.

The key points of note were:

The online world would be a scary place if it weren’t for search

  • Search and search advertising make a consumer’s online experience more relevant and personal by deciphering the signals of intent and delivering the information or service to meet a specific need better than any other digital medium.


A search $ is never wasted.

  • For marketers, search is the primary source of understanding consumer intent. Search advertising is also the number one area of digital advertising investment (eMarketer predict paid search will represent 52% of digital adspend in 2016) because not only does the intelligence inform business decisions and strategy that lead to providing the service consumers want in the right place at the right moment, but search also provides higher levels of attribution and increases the amplification engagement opportunities over time.


Search has moved intelligent thinking far outside the box

  • Search will continue to permeate more devices and services than ever before, becoming smarter and more important as a source of consumer understanding, analytics and real-time engagement.


People want to be able to converse with technology in a human way

  • People expect technology to be a natural part of their lives, for it to be constantly accessible and helpful but not intrusive.  Voice search usage is expected to accelerate within the next few years and more than 3 billion people use chat technology every day. Microsoft, with technologies such as Bing, Cortana and Skype, is leading the evolution towards Conversations as a Platform, where people can interact with services and devices with a common human language in real-time.  The opportunities for relevant and personal connections between brands and consumers in this environment will change the game of digital engagement.


Marketers in search should focus on creating awesome experiences for consumers

  • Marketers need to start thinking about the different environments that will be speech enabled for their audiences – what actions do they take when, and how should they start preparing for a world where consumers will interact with many services through voice.  This will involve an architectural framework and integration of CRM and other systems into the experience.


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Captured @ Cannes


With Cannes Lions 2016 winding down for another year, we take a moment to look at what’s caught our eye and got the industry talking about over the last 24 hours in what will be our final day on La Croisette!

What took social media by storm?

This Ice Exhibit has been turning heads this week. As part of a collaboration with Instagram and Facebook, the artist (left), known as ‘Hula’, has been working on an ice sculpture painting. Check out @the_hula to see more of his work!







The Next Rembrandt’ took the industry by a storm this week, picking up two Grand Prix awards, the Innovation Lion award and 15 Cannes Lions awards in total. The project was a collaborative effort between ING, J Walter Thompson and Microsoft, demonstrating the art of what’s possible when data and creativity come together. Check out more here















Spotted at #CannesLions

The week has seen some of the biggest names in the celebrity world take to the stage to inspire and entertain at Cannes Lions. A few of our personal highlights…


  • Take That hopped onboard the NewsUK yacht, and performed at their smallest ever gig, with just 100 people in attendance
  • Jason Derulo took to the stage at the MailOnline yacht party, where it looks like things got a little bit hot…
  • LiveNation was sure to live up to expectations, as Dave Grohl performed at its very own private gig


As we reflect on a bumper week, look out for our next blog post – a summary of some of the key learnings for marketers from Cannes Lions 2016.

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Caught at #CannesLions - #BingThere


It’s that time again – Cannes Lions 2016 – the week where the good and the great across the advertising and creative industry hit La Croisette to discuss the trends and issues facing the industry. With the week well underway, we take a look at what’s stood out so far, what’s getting tweeters talking and what you don’t want to miss in the coming days. For those not on the ground, never fear, #BingThere.


What’s taken social media by storm?

Founder of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, got tongues wagging on Monday, speaking of his ambition to build the business into a platform for brand campaigns. Sound interesting? Well… Chesky exemplified his vision with a recent campaign run by The Art Institute of Chicago, wherein people could pay $10 to sleep in a room that had been transformed into a replica of Van Gough’s famous ‘The Bedroom’ painting.

Cindy Gallop took to the stage and set Twitter alight with her talk around diversity in advertising, critiquing the advertising world for its portrayals of women more often than not through a male lens. She encouraged advertisers to think about their duty to consumers, to “understand, analyse, acknowledge.”


With Cannes, comes rosé – and lots of it. A new initiative from Cannes Lions festival, in partnership with creative agency Karmarama, has seen a limited edition bottle of rose created with ten per cent of the proceeds made being donated back to the local Cannes area. Turning indulgent behaviour into something worthy – now that’s definitely something we should raise a glass to.



Spotted at #CannesLions

The first few days of Cannes Lions were inundated with celebrities, all staking their claim to the world of marketing and creativity. Top spots for us (so far!) include:

·     Will Smith took to the stage to talk about how “smoke and mirrors in marketing and sales is over” and that in today’s digital first world, “people are going to know really quickly and globally whether a product keeps its promises,”

·      Dressed to impress, Anna Wintour delivered a keynote presentation about the need to pursue big ideas in an increasingly digital age

·      We spotted Usher and Ryan Seacrest catching up today before going on stage to discuss success, mentors and…Justin Bieber

·      Gary Barlow, who partied the night away on at the Mail Online after party


And you thought it was too hot on the beach today – imagine how this guy felt! Taylor Herring went for furry and friendly this year, opting for a polar bear to saunter down the Croisette earlier in the week. That’s got to be one boiling bear – but he certainly stole the headlines.




A few things you definitely shouldn’t miss out on tomorrowPop down to the Unruly camp to check our their emoji wall along La Croisette. Let them know how you’re feeling. All of the above? Check.

Need a quick fix to start  your day right? Look no further than PRWeek!’s morning Fun Run on Wednesday at 8am. Meet in front of the Haymarket Hive Cabana, directly in front of the red carpet Palais steps. Don’t be late!

Back at base but keeping tabs on the #CannesLions action? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you can grab a slice of the action with the return of the CANNT festival.



Finally, to finish as we started on the theme of a Dutch great, make sure to keep a close eye on The Next Rembrant project which is already making waves with the Cannes judging panel. Unveiled to Cannes audiences this week, The Next Rembrandt has brought the great artist back to life by producing an all new portrait. The project, produced by J Walter Thompson in partnership with ING Bank and several technology partners including Microsoft (Azure) is a great example of creative collaboration and technology redefining the art of what is possible.



Keep up to date with what we’re up to on the ground at this year’s #CannesLions on Twitter @BingAds or via our hashtag - #BingThere.

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Want to know how to Cannes? Here’s how to #BingThere

We’re not long from the start of this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity – the cobbled streets and sandy beaches are calling! As the taxis roll up, hotels are checked into and the sessions kick off, to help navigate the busy schedules everyone is undoubtedly facing, we at @BingAds feel there are a few Cannes secrets worth sharing.


After all, at Bing we are geared toward discovery and as the intelligent fabric across platforms, devices and services, we know the importance of insights in informing decisions. At Cannes, when it comes to knowing what to do, where to be seen, and most importantly, where to get that cold glass of rosé at the end of the day – it’s just as important.


With several years of attendance under our belt, here are our thoughts on how to Cannes:


How to Cannes Image 1


How to Cannes Image 2 

 How to Cannes Image 3


We’ll be showcasing more insights throughout the week so make sure to follow us @BingAds and via #BingThere.


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Rik van der Kooi on the value of search at #IP2016

Today at the AdExchanger Industry Preview in New York, Rik van der Kooi, CVP of Microsoft Search Advertising, took to the stage with John Ebbert, Executive Editor at AdExchanger, to discuss some of the key factors influencing the evolution of advertising and Microsoft’s own strategy.

Some of the key takeaways were:

  • Search is an increasingly valued marketing vehicle which offers truly integrated marketing intelligence. When search goes beyond web search to permeate services, devices and platforms, as it does with Bing, the depth of consumer understanding is far richer and the intelligence provides powerful insights for marketing success.
  • Every click matters to a marketer, but some clicks matter more than others. As an industry, marketers need to come together to develop experiences that delight consumers. We need to focus on making commercial interactions more valuable, by connecting data that is currently siloed on behalf of the consumer. Search plays a key part in this, as marketers want to continue to understand the direct relationship between the click, the conversion and purchase decision. We have an opportunity to deliver for consumers and marketers through the integration of CRM Online, Azure, Power BI and search data for marketing effectiveness. 
  • Search Advertising continues to grow significantly as an industry and at Microsoft (as reported by AdAge last week). The growth is organic, supported by integration across Windows 10 services (now running on over 200 million devices!) as well as being driven through syndication partnerships (most recently with AOL). Combined, Bing powers nearly one third of US searches today.
  • Search innovation in the next 5 years will outperform that of the last 10. In the near future, Rik sees search marketing growing from keywords to audience to actions, empowering consumers to take action inside of their search experience and on other services. He's also fascinated with natural language, the evolution of communication between people and technology which will open up a massive playground for advertisers in formats well beyond those of today. This starts with personal assistants such as Cortana and Siri, but also includes opportunities within chat services and more.


If you were not able to be in NYC, please note that the fireside discussion will be available for viewing the week of 25th January. 

For a more search focused 2016 industry preview, please visit the recent blog post that summarizes the top marketing buzzwords of 2015 and offers 7 predictions for 2016 for search from David Pann, GM, Search Advertising Microsoft.

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Understanding the potential of search, as it understands yours - From Searches to Searchers #HeroConf

Yesterday was the first day of the Hero Conf London  and was a wealth of industry views and commentary  delivered to this audience of avid SEM experts and search wizards in over 20 different sessions  - and some serious super hero fun too …


As well as driving buzz around the event, the Bing Ads team also shared some intriguing perspective on how we should be thinking about search and what it offers people.  Tor Crockatt, EMEA Regional Director, Bing Ads, took to the stage to deliver the closing keynote of the day entitled, ‘From Searches to Searchers’.


The three key takeaways for those of you who were not in the audience:

1. The keyword is not dead, it just has more friends.  Today search is not only about understanding query entries but more and more about understanding the behavior of the people using the network.   The key to success in the future will be leveraging signals through targeting dimensions such as geography, device, time and correctly interpreting intent to drive efficient engagement. From searches to searchers.

2. Search understands billions of people, places and things. The days of the semantic web, through the social explosion, proliferation of devices leading to connected mobility, a connected IoT world and rich data generated by all of these interactions has led to the Bing search intelligence of today: invisible computing that delivers experiences that adapt to the individual and their context. Bing manages more data in 1 day today, than the entire of the internet did pre- 1997.

3. Search advertising needs to deliver the right message at the right time to be of valueBing Ads Native offering (in beta in the US) is a unique advertising offering built on the Bing Ads  stack, leveraging the power of paid search, such as ad performance, search history and remarketing. It dynamically uses your assets in Bing Ads (including the soon to be released image ads) so can seamlessly be launched from your existing Bing Ads campaigns and offers search style controls such as bid modifiers and dedicated reporting. This will be a powerful new advertising opportunity that allows marketers to drive new audiences and engagement.


And, yes, I realise this is a fourth one, but some interesting insight below for marketers on the ‘IRON-y’ behind demographic differences in search patterns. Refining query understanding (in this case top expansions of the word 'iron') using gender data (in this case through Bing Ads Intelligence) shows clear differences in intent which the savvy marketer can harness to hone in on performance by leveraging demographic targeting.

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