Want to know how to Cannes? Here’s how to #BingThere

We’re not long from the start of this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity – the cobbled streets and sandy beaches are calling! As the taxis roll up, hotels are checked into and the sessions kick off, to help navigate the busy schedules everyone is undoubtedly facing, we at @BingAds feel there are a few Cannes secrets worth sharing.


After all, at Bing we are geared toward discovery and as the intelligent fabric across platforms, devices and services, we know the importance of insights in informing decisions. At Cannes, when it comes to knowing what to do, where to be seen, and most importantly, where to get that cold glass of rosé at the end of the day – it’s just as important.


With several years of attendance under our belt, here are our thoughts on how to Cannes:


How to Cannes Image 1


How to Cannes Image 2 

 How to Cannes Image 3


We’ll be showcasing more insights throughout the week so make sure to follow us @BingAds and via #BingThere.


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