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Learn the basics about search engine marketing and how Bing Ads can help grow your business
New to search engine marketing?

New to search engine marketing?

Billions of people search the web every day. Search engine marketing (SEM) is how you can get your ads in front of these future customers where it counts: in premium spots on the first page of search results. You set your own budget and are charged only when your ad is clicked. This makes SEM an affordable way to reach more customers for businesses of all sizes — including yours.

What is search engine marketing?

If you’ve seen ads appear at the top or right of search engines, then you have already seen SEM at work. When your ads display in these optimal, highly visible positions, your business can have an edge over your competition. Plus, most searchers only click on the first few results, which gives these premium ad spots a visual advantage to catch the attention of your future customers.

Here's how it works:

  1. People search online for a product or service
    They enter search terms (called keywords) into search engines like Bing.
  2. These searchers then find your ad
    If the keywords in your ad match a search, your ad appears next to or above search results on Bing.
  3. Customers reach out to you 
    You can configure your ad so that people have the option to call you, visit your website, or go right to your door.
What’s the cost of SEM?

What is the cost of SEM?

You control the cost of search engine marketing and pay nothing for your ad to simply appear on the search engine. You are charged only if someone clicks on your ad, and only up to the amount that you agreed to for that click. That’s why SEM is also known as pay per click (PPC), because you only get charged for each click that your ad generates. No click? No charge.  


With Bing Ads, your accounts are free to set up and billing is flexible. You choose between a prepay or postpay option, as well as various payment methods. Also, take your time to set up your campaigns. Activate your account and ads only when you’re ready, and you can pause campaigns at any time. Remember, you’re not billed until someone clicks your ad.


You can control costs even further with strategies in bidding and targeting.


You control your costs

Effective advertising strategies

Control costs by choosing your keyword bids

Remember that users enter search words into search engines based on their interest. The matching keywords and phrases you choose for your campaigns help determine if your ad will display when users search online. But be aware, other advertisers may also be using the same keywords. That creates competition with your ad campaign. What can you do to win? One solution is keyword bidding.


The amount you bid on your keywords helps to elevate your ad above others. So, choose a bid that you feel best repersents the value of that customer to your business.


You can also control costs by focusing on your most relevant customers with targeting.

Target customers relevant to your business

You know who and where your best customers are — Bing Ads lets you choose when and how to reach them. Control where your ads appear by city, country and worldwide. Fine-tune your targeting even further by setting the time of day to display your ads and on which devices. By targeting only your most relevant customers, you can reduce unnecessary spending.


After your campaigns build some history, use reporting tools to learn which strategies work the best, then refine your targeting and other tactics accordingly. This is called optimising your campaigns.

The Bing Ads value

The Bing Ads value

You are busy running your business. The Bing Ads platform helps you efficiently create, launch and manage your SEM ad campaign on Bing and partner sites. With Bing Ads, you can reach 26 million unique searchers in the U.K. that represent 751 million monthly searches.1

Simple and easy process Simple and easy process
Choose keywords, set your budget, write ads and select a billing method.
  Fits business of any size Fits business of any size
Bing Ads can be customised and is cost-effective, from a business with one local store or multiple locations across the country.
  Focused on results Focused on results
PPC advertising is so effective, many marketers consider it to be the most bang for their advertising buck.