Product Ads, which are created using shopping campaigns, are a great way to showcase your products in an impactful ad format via image, price and shop name. Using Product Ads, you can enhance your ads with real-time, specific product information from your Bing Merchant Center store catalogue.

After reading this training you will know how to:

  • create Product Ads and understand what they are
  • get started building shopping campaigns in your account
  • use product groups to organise your campaigns
  • view reports to monitor performance and optimise campaigns

What are Product Ads?

Products Ads include custom images from your own product catalogues (created in the Bing Merchant Center), plus specific promotional text, pricing and seller details.

Product Ads use your specific product information to determine who sees your ads. If someone's search query is relevant to your products, your Product Ad can show up on the search results as shown below.

Here are some examples of Product Ads:

Product Ads examples

Product Ads examples

This rich visual presentation helps catch a search user's interest, and helps them make purchase decisions even before they click your ad. This can translate into greater engagement, higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates.

Creating Product Ads

To get started using Product Ads, complete the four steps below:

To get started using Product Ads, complete the four steps


  1. Verify that you own your URL on the Bing Webmaster Tools website.

    • Go to the Bing Webmaster Tools URL:
    • Sign in using the same Microsoft account that you use to sign in to Bing Ads.
    • Click Profile and then fill in the About Me, Contact Preference and Alert Preference sections.
    • Under My Sites, enter your URL and click Add.
    • Enter your URL info.
    • Complete one of the three options listed and then click Verify. You will see the Dashboard page if your URL is verified.

  2. Create a Bing Merchant Center Store.

    • In Bing Ads, click Tools in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Click Bing Merchant Center.
    • Click Create a store.
    • Enter your shop information.

  3. Upload your catalogue

    • In Bing Ads, click Tools in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Click Bing Merchant Center.
    • Click the shop that you want to update.
    • Click the Catalogue Management tab.
    • If you are creating your first catalogue, enter your Catalogue name. If you are creating additional catalogues, click Create New Catalogue and then enter your Catalogue name.
    • Submit your file.

    For detailed information about creating and uploading your catalogue, read Submit your catalogue feed file.

  4. Create your shopping campaign.

    • In Bing Ads, go to the Campaigns tab.
    • Click Create campaign.
    • Click Shopping campaign. Bing Ads will walk you through the remaining steps.

Get started with shopping campaigns

When creating a new shopping campaign in your account, you have two options. You can create a shopping campaign from scratch, or, if you are using Google shopping campaigns, you can import directly from AdWords.

To create a shopping campaign from scratch, click Create campaign and select Shopping campaign from the drop-down menu. Make sure that you name your campaign, set a daily budget and choose the location that you want to target.

There are also campaign settings unique to shopping campaigns: Campaign priority and product filters. Campaign priority can be set at high, medium or low and will prioritise which campaign to run when multiple campaigns are advertising the same product. Product filters narrow the campaign to specific products in your feed.

Set your campaign priorities

If you want to import AdWords shopping campaigns, you can use the same process as you would for a standard search campaign. In Bing Ads, click Import Campaigns, and then click Import from Google AdWords. Sign in to Google and select the shopping campaigns that you want to import. For more information on the import process, read How to import a campaign from AdWords or other programs.

Understanding and using product groups

Product groups are used to specify which products from your Bing Merchant Center catalogue should be included in a particular ad group.

After you create a shopping campaign, Bing Ads creates a default ad group. That ad group includes a product group containing all of the products in your Bing Merchant Center catalogue feed. However, you don't typically want an ad group to contain all products. With product groups you can narrow down that default group to a customised list of specific products.

You can use the following attributes from your catalogue feed to choose the specific products that you want to include in any particular product group:

  • category (up to five for each offer)
  • brand
  • condition
  • item ID (also know as Merchant Product Identifier)
  • product type
  • custom label (up to five for each offer)

You can use multiple attributes to narrow your group even further. For example, you can create a product group based on brand and condition.

Bing Ads shopping reports

One of the most important things to remember when using shopping campaigns and Product Ads is to use the same strategies that you're already familiar with for your other ads. Techniques such as setting appropriate targeting, using negative keywords and regular monitoring are still important.

You can track performance using performance reports, including Product Ad and shopping campaign-specific reports. Useful reports include the shopping reports, found on the Dimensions tab, and the Share of voice report.

With shopping reports it’s easy to view your performance by attributes like product type, brand, category or even item ID. You can set appropriate bids for product groups based on performance. 

Use Impression share lost to budget (%), Impression share lost to rank (%), benchmark bid, benchmark CTR(%), and Impression share (%) to gain sights in your Share of Voice metrics. These can be found in the Reports tab, under the Report Type and then by clicking performance statistics. These insights can be useful for bidding and positioning

Use Share of Voice reporting for benchmark CPC, CTR and impressions. These insights can be useful for bidding and positioning.


Product Ads allow advertisers to showcase their products in an engaging and impactful ad format. Product Ads can help you drive:

  • greater engagement
  • higher click-through rates
  • higher conversions

Thank you for reading this training on Bing Shopping and Product Ads. Continue your training or take the Bing Ads Accredited Professional exam to become accredited.

Please note that features mentioned in this training may not be available in your market.