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Customer stories

ResourceiT and its clients find a 20:1 return on investment with Bing Ads
Opportunity International digital agency ResourceiT Consulting Ltd sought a higher return on investment (ROI) for its clients at every level, from small-businesses to enterprise companies, without breaking their budgets. Solution ResourceiT used Bing Ads to extend clients’ reach to a new audience, and Sitelink Extensions to boost clicks. It then launched “Making Bing Sing,” a campaign encouraging clients to move 10 percent of their budgets from other ad platforms to Bing Ads. Results Eighty percent of clients reinvested in Bing Ads after it delivered an average ROI of 20:1. “Bing Ads levels the playing field with larger companies, which is exciting for our smaller partners,” says ResourceiT Director Rebecca Little.
BlaBlaCar rides to greater returns across the globe on the Bing Network
Opportunity BlaBlaCar, a global ridesharing service, wanted its paid search campaigns to deliver more clicks at lower costs. It also wanted to expand its audience with qualified searchers — searchers who were more likely to use its service and download its app. Solution Bing Network searchers — who spend 145 percent more online than the average Internet searcher1 — turned out to be a major source of leads for BlaBlaCar. BlaBlaCar used Sitelink Extensions in ads to take customers directly to the webpages they needed. Results The Bing Network has given BlaBlaCar more leads and conversions, and its click-through rate is increasing while costs are decreasing. “Bing is really turning into one of our major sources of acquisition,” says Marketing Manager Ruchir Gupta.




1comScore qSearch (custom), June 2015; the Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo sites worldwide.
Furniture firm Alinéa finds its competitive edge with Bing Ads

French furniture firm Alinéa was bidding on the same keywords as its biggest competitors, resulting in higher search advertising costs every year. It needed a way to employ an aggressive pay-per-click strategy to boost traffic at a lower cost.


Alinéa added Bing Ads, taking full advantage of Bing Ads Editor to perfect its campaigns, and the Bid Landscape tool to fine-tune keyword bids using industry research. Alinéa used Location and Call Extensions to bring in customers by foot or phone.


With Bing Ads, Alinéa’s costs per click are 10 to 20 percent lower, with a 15 percent higher click-through rate. “Bing Ads allows us to be more aggressive thanks to the more reasonable costs involved,” says Head of E-marketing Anne-Lise Sulmoni.