Targeting helps regional furniture retailer drive foot traffic

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RC Willey sells everything from furniture and appliances to electronics and flooring both online and at stores across four states. That puts the regional retailer in direct competition with big-box stores and specialty furniture shops in 12 cities. RC Willey needed to reach potential buyers of specific products within the communities it serves.


Bing Ads professionals helped RC Willey set up campaigns using Radius Targeting, a unique feature that allows advertisers to target unique campaigns to the Bing Network users in different communities. Using this feature, RC Willey could successfully advertise a clearance sale at one store, while advertising seasonal goods at another store. This flexibility allowed RC Willey to hone in on its target audiences in the areas it serves.


Radius Targeting helped RC Willey drive traffic to its website and its retail stores. Adam Young, community/online reputation manager for RC Willey, reports that the click-through rates of the company’s Radius Targeting campaigns are five times higher than non-targeted campaigns.

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