Light bulb retailer gets lower costs and higher value

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Challenge sells lighting products in an ultra-competitive market. The company needed a way to hone in on price-sensitive companies seeking premium light bulbs at a discount — without resorting to the industry-standard promise of “free shipping."


At the recommendation of Bing Support, experimented with tactics such as keyword isolation — removing high-performing keywords from existing ad groups and creating stand-alone campaigns. The goal was to rework the Bing Network ads that were already driving strong results to attract more impressions, clicks, and conversions at a lower cost.

Results’s strategy is paying off. On average, the online retailer’s conversion cost on Google AdWords is about $24. By contrast, the retailer pays only about $19 per conversion on Bing Ads. What’s more, over 65 percent of the customers the company receives from the Bing Network are first-time buyers.

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