Online digital photo service gains cost savings and ROI lift

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PhotoBox, an online service that turns digital photos into over 600 specialized products such as photo books and coffee mugs, needs to manage growth carefully in an extremely competitive marketplace.


PhotoBox relies on search advertising to reach their audience, using Bing Ads and the Bing Network to target customers with specific messaging. The company says Bing Ads Editor makes it easy to manage bulk uploads and the Bing Ads user interface facilitates
bid optimizations.


By using Bing Ads, PhotoBox has seen an increase in the amount of visitors to their website, as well as an increase in sales. The company has also experienced a better ROI with Bing Ads in comparison to other search engines. “Our Bing Ads CPA is on average 25 percent lower than our target CPA making it the most efficient traffic source in our digital account,” says Bhavik Patel, Search Specialist, PhotoBox.

View the case study above or download it below to learn how PhotoBox achieves growth in its search campaigns with Bing Ads and the Bing Network.

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