Fashion retailer Just Keep Livin gets more sales at a low cost per click with Bing Ads

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Consumers had a low level of awareness of the Just Keep Livin (JKL) clothing line and its connection to actor Matthew McConaughey, who is the owner of and inspiration for the line. The company needed to increase brand awareness and generate sales in the competitive fashion industry.



6S Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Canada, used Bing Ads as part of its JKL advertising strategy. Using Sitelink Extensions, the agency drove customers to specific JKL webpages. Bidding on Matthew McConaughey’s name for a campaign during the Oscars also led to a high quality score and a low cost-per-click with Bing Ads.



The Just Keep Livin clothing line increased brand awareness and sales. JKL saw a conversion rate of 46 percent and a cost-per-click of $0.48 with Bing Ads for the Oscars campaign. Many of 6S Marketing’s clients experience a good return on investment with Bing Ads. “Bing Ads is a great, viable option that can be cost-effective for clients and deliver the kind of results that they’re looking for,” says Chris Breikss, president
of 6S Marketing.

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