Winportal improves traffic thanks to Bing Ads

Case study, Presentation


Winportal is a platform for downloading software such as utilities, applications, add-ons, and games, with an emphasis on quality and security. Evolving in a dynamic market that features a constant state of progression and numerous international players, Winportal faced the challenge of both optimizing the number of download operations and strengthening its position and reputation.


The company chose Bing Ads to gain visibility and maximize the number of Internet users actively searching for products available on Winportal. Winportal has developed a precise reference strategy that revolves around the selection of keywords and the creation of ads that highlight the benefits of its offerings. The user-friendly Bing Ads interface, with its simplified editing and targeting functions, has made it possible for Winportal to develop campaigns quickly and easily. In addition, Bing Support, with its dedicated account manager, has contributed to campaign follow-up work by offering crucial improvement suggestions and providing valuable assistance with administrative and reporting tasks.


During the more than two years it has used Bing Ads, Winportal has seen a 20 percent increase in traffic on all of its sites. The Bing Ads campaigns have made it possible for Winportal to increase its ROI by 35 percent and reduce conversion costs by 15 percent. All of these results have exceeded the company’s expectations.

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