Law firm gets four times the clicks at two-thirds the cost with Bing Ads compared to Google

Case study, Presentation


Kaufman Law, a personal injury law firm in Georgia, gets most of its clients from online advertising but faces increasing competition.



The firm reaches clients with Bing Ads using features such as geographical targeting and Location Extensions. It also takes advantage of Sitelink Extensions so its potential clients can quickly access specific pages on its website.



Kaufman Law gets more clicks and spends less on the Bing Network than it does on Google. “We get three to four times as many clicks through the Bing Network as we do with Google, and we spend 30 percent less,” says the practice manager at Kaufman Law. “The monthly cost-per-click is about $12 on the Bing Network and in the high $80s for Google, so clearly we get a much bigger bang for our buck with the Bing Network.”

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