TinderPoint helps SSE Airtricity ignite campaigns while cooling costs with Bing Ads

TinderPoint helps SSE Airtricity ignite campaigns while cooling costs with Bing Ads

Using fire to their advantage

“For a small increase in PPC budgets, and a small investment of time managing the account, Bing Ads allows us to deliver something extra to our clients. The results often far outweigh both of these investments.”Head of Paid Search Marketing Richard Talbot, TinderPoint


Digital marketing agency TinderPoint’s service model is all about lighting fires — the kind that ignite brands and kindle greater interest in its clients’ websites. “Get your PPC right and the possibilities are endless,” the agency says on its website. “Get it wrong and it’s easy to get burned overspending and underperforming.” It then suggests to “stop playing with fire and start using it to your advantage.”


TinderPoint is based in Dublin and London. Since it lit its own fire more than a decade ago, the agency has provided services such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, graphic design and digital PR to a client base that includes startups, Fortune 250 and FTSE 100 organisations. These clients range from smaller service businesses that have partnered with TinderPoint for more than a decade to bigger national and international e-commerce brands.


Metrics are the bread and butter for TinderPoint’s core PPC and SEO services, says head of paid search marketing Richard Talbot. “Everything we do is measurable,” Talbot explains, “so clients can easily see the value we bring to their online initiatives and maximise return on their marketing spend.”

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Overcoming overspending with Bing Ads

Head of paid search marketing Richard Talbot, TinderPoint
Head of Paid Search Marketing Richard Talbot, TinderPoint


In the last three years, TinderPoint saw that one key hurdle for many clients had been rising costs and competition with their Google AdWords campaigns. Clients were exhausting their budgets earlier as the costs of their existing campaigns increased and competition intensified.


In its search for a source of better ROI for its clients, TinderPoint noticed something: Clients with Bing Ads campaigns often had lower costs per click (CPC) and costs per acquisition (CPA) than with comparable Google AdWords campaigns. If Bing Ads was so cost-effective for these clients, it might have the same impact on TinderPoint’s broader client base. In 2013, the agency took action.


“We had seen with clients that Bing Ads had lower competition, costs per click and costs per acquisition,” Talbot says. “2013 saw us embrace Bing Ads fully and proactively pitch this platform to both our existing and new clients as part of our PPC service offering.”

Powering sign-ups for a major energy provider


SSE Airtricity Site

One taker was SSE Airtricity, a major TinderPoint client and energy provider in Ireland, with over 800,000 commercial and domestic customers. The company provides gas and electricity for homes and businesses, as well as other energy services in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Part of the SSE Group since 2008, SSE Airtricity embarked on a brand push strategy for its winter campaign. As part of the campaign, TinderPoint sought to increase brand awareness and sign-ups for all of SSE Airticity’s product offerings in Ireland — primarily through the company’s managed digital channels.


In addition to its Google AdWords campaigns, TinderPoint aimed SSE Airtricity’s Bing Ads campaigns at all Irish households during the peak “switching season” for utilities between October and March.


TinderPoint used Sitelink Extensions in ads to point customers to specific offer pages on SSE Airtricity's website, and Call Extensions, which allowed the agency to add the phone number of the company's sales team to its ads. To drive sales via mobile devices, TinderPoint made bid adjustments for smartphones and tablets to improve the chance that SSE Airtricity’s ads would display to people on mobile devices.


TinderPoint relied on the support of its Bing Ads account manager to get the most out of these features. “Our Bing Ads account manager helped us set the strategy and implement the initial campaigns, as well as assist us with some unfamiliar Bing Ads features,” says Talbot.

Saving money and time on the Bing Network


SSE Airtricity's Bing Ads results matched or exceeded TinderPoint's key metrics goals:




“Bing Ads is a platform which continues to evolve and deliver results for both us as an agency and for clients that committing the same amount of budget to Google AdWords may not deliver,” says Talbot.


Talbot is pleased to have found a way to ease his clients’ spending increases while also adding another sales pipeline. “Bing Ads allows us to give something extra to clients for a small budget increase on their current PPC activity and our own time in terms of managing the account,” he says. “The results often far outweigh both of these investments.”


TinderPoint reduces the time it spends managing accounts by using the Bing Ads Google Import tool, which lets advertisers copy a combination of 1.5 million keywords and ads from Google AdWords to Bing Ads, as well as up to 200,000 negative keywords, campaigns, ad groups and extensions. According to Talbot, Google Import saves “countless man-hours” in terms of campaign setup. He says that navigating both the Bing Ads user interface and Bing Ads Editor doesn't require much adjustment if you’re already familiar with AdWords.


Those of TinderPoint’s clients who have Bing Ads accounts are as pleased with the results as Talbot is — and all of them are pushing all possible campaigns on this channel. 


“We would love to see the rest of our client base trial Bing Ads,” says Talbot. “We have no doubt the results they would see will convince them to have it as a permanent fixture of their digital activity.”

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