We are committed to delivering world-class service to our advertisers and publisher partners. Likewise, we are dedicated to protecting our marketplace from click fraud, conversion fraud, phishing, malware and maintaining our traffic quality standards. To those ends, we’ve created this online resource to provide advertisers and publishers with information about our traffic quality protection systems and policies.


As you read through the following information, be aware that even with these systems in place, we cannot guarantee to catch every instance of low-quality, fraudulent activity or suspicious traffic. If you suspect click or conversion fraud please report it to our team and we will investigate it promptly.


You can find more information on our approach to user safety here. For advertiser help on ensuring compliance with malware policies, please see advertiser resources.




Bing Network traffic

Traffic is comprised of ad impressions, clicks and conversions served on Bing, AOL and Yahoo owned and operated or syndicated partner websites.


Click quality

We categorize clicks as standard quality, low quality and invalid.


  • Standard quality: Normal customer ad clicks.
  • Low quality: Clicks that exhibit characteristics of unclear commercial intent, and patterns of unusual activity. This includes invalid clicks.
  • Invalid: Clicks that exhibit characteristics of user error, search engine robots or fraudulent activity.


Bing Ads uses real-time and post-click systems to help guard against low-quality and invalid clicks.


How Bing Ads works to detect and respond to invalid clicks


We recognize that invalid clicks can be a serious issue for advertisers. We systematically analyze clicks to determine their validity, and, when possible, remove invalid clicks before they are reported to you.


If potentially invalid clicks are detected, members of our team can flag the case, examine the affected account(s), and issue refunds where appropriate. See the Network protection page for more details.


We have several methods of identifying suspected invalid clicks and continually work to refine our technology to correctly identify invalid click activity.


Our team


We have dedicated teams around the globe that work 24/7 to detect fraudulent activity and help protect our traffic quality.


  • Proactive engineers: We employ dozens of engineers dedicated to continually developing and improving the Bing Ads traffic filtration and network monitoring systems.
  • Traffic quality investigators: The Bing Ads Traffic Quality team is a customer-focused support team that partners with support agents, proactive engineers and other Microsoft support teams to provide comprehensive and detailed analysis services regarding advertiser complaints involving invalid clicks, fake leads and malware.