As part of the Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance, all Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers in the U.K., Ireland and France will transition to using Bing Ads and Yahoo EWS API users will transition to using the Bing Ads API.

As a valued Yahoo EWS API partner, we are pleased to offer you access to the Bing Ads API Sandbox test environment for the U.K., Ireland and France markets. This is the first step in transitioning your search advertising campaigns to the Bing Ads platform.

Simply complete the form below to request your Bing Ads API Sandbox user credentials. You will receive a response within five to ten business days.

Note: This form is for U.K., Ireland, and France Yahoo Search Marketing API program participants only.

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About the Bing Ads API Program

Just as with the Yahoo! Search Marketing EWS API, the Bing Ads API enables you to programmatically access the ad platform to manage your accounts, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads. With the power of this interface, you can efficiently manage large volumes of account and campaign transactions. The Bing Ads API also offers robust reporting that provides sophisticated ROI analysis. In the Sandbox environment, you can become acquainted with Bing Ads API Version 7 and test applications.

To learn more, view the Bing Ads API basics tutorial, and the API next steps tutorial.

Helpful Resources and Support

  • Bing Ads API documentation and samples are available on MSDN.
  • The Bing Ads API Community and the Bing Ads API Development forum is the destination for active discussions and useful information from other Bing Ads API users.
  • The comparison guide for Yahoo! EWS and Bing Ads API is an extensive resource that addresses campaign management and reporting.